Important Points and Policies

Please note following points before booking the tickets: 
1. All children are required to have a ticket and separate seat with the exception of children two years old and younger, who will be sitting on an adult’s lap.
2. Your MMLA membership will be verified offline.  If MMLA Membership discount or Child discount was incorrectly applied, you will be subject to additional fee. 
3. If you miss to apply MMLA Membership or Child discount before checkout, we will NOT be able to apply it at later stage.
3. Tickets once booked, cannot be exchanged, refunded or cancelled.
4. Tickets booked confirm your reservation to the program. Please have your whole party together to enter the theatre with Order#.
5. Please safeguard your tickets. As per theater policy, there is no admission without a ticket.
6. Please bring a valid ID card and booking reference (Email confirmation)  to collect your tickets. 
7. The program is not recommended for children under 5 years of age.
8. If you have any questions, please contact the MMLA representative in your area. Click Here to view a complete list of MMLA representatives.
9. Seating will start at 2:45PM.
10. We will have a break for food. Tea and Snacks will be available for purchase.